Hastymail2 is an Open Source IMAP webmail client written in PHP. Our focus is compliance, usability, security, and speed.
2015-04-16 Update:

Sadly Hastymail2 is no longer being maintained. Happily this is because we are working on a new web-based E-mail client, called Cypht. If you need support your best bet is the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and supported this project!

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Code Updates for October 11

    RC7 has been out for a while now and things are looking good. Feedback has resulted in a handful of new features, many fixes, and three new plugins. The new plugins are a uuencode plugin that decodes uuencoded messages, an auto-complete address plugin for the compose page, and an IMAP quota plugin that displays quota information. All could use more testing in different environments (I posted an SVN snapshot for anybody interested in doing so, link below). Here is the complete list of updates and fixes since RC7 was released:

Code Updates for May 19

    It was a busy week in Hastymail development with 40 SVN commits since our last update on the 12th. Thanks to some great testing and feedback we were able to identify and fix a few bugs and we also knocked out several of the remaining items that need to be in place before putting together an official beta release. Here is the full list:

Code Updates for March 6

  It has been a busy week for Hastymail development!. The AJAX system got an overhaul and it's efficiency is significantly improved. Several small bugs have been fixed and a few features added, the most notable being IMAP UTF7 folder name support and the ability to forward a message as an attachment. A lot of work has gone into finally resolving some display issues that were causing problems with various browsers. Included at the end of this post are some screenshots of the latest layout in some different browsers to illustrate. Here are the details of whats new since the 1st:

Code Updates for November 24

    We are way over due for a new release, the change log since RC7 is getting HUGE. Things are looking good however. All of the issues reported since the last release have been addressed and are either resolved or awaiting feedback, and some cool new features have been added. I really think things are shaping up for our first stable release, though the next will be yet another candidate. I am targeting this time next week for RC8, then the first stable version before the end of the year. Here is what is new since the last news update:

Code Updates for April 7

    Each time I write about updates I use the SVN mailing list to get a feel for how busy the past week was. This one was busy with 34 individual commits, though they vary in size greatly. The bulk of last weeks changes were to the compose page and sending mail, but there are a handful of fixes for other bugs as well. Here is the detailed list:

Code Updates for April 28

    For the first time in a while it was a slow week for Hastymail development. There were a few updates worth noting and some work on the things that need to get done before we can start building releases, but compared to recent weeks it was pretty quiet. There is a decent amount of testing going on and I am compiling a list of issues that will need addressed soon. Hopefully this week I can get these into the tracker. So in no particular order here is what did get done last week

Code Updates for June 1

    It was yet another busy week of development with 20 SVN commits since last weeks update, including some large language translation related changes. The code is now stable enough for our first beta release which will be announced shortly after this update is posted. Read on for more details on whats new.

Code Updates for October 21

    I am happy to say it has been a busy 10 days in Hastymail-land since the last update. We have only a few new entries in the CHANGES file but they are significant and worth mentioning. First up is a new plugin called js_sign. This plugin converts the "Sign" button on the compose page from a normal HTTP POST form submission into an AJAX call that inserts the signature into the in-process message at the current cursor position. Also new is an enhancement to the plugin system that allows plugins to register javascript event handlers without stomping on any core Hastymail events or those supplied by other plugins. Finally we have a new option that enables periodic AJAX updates of the mailbox view when the folder dropdown/list is updated.

Code Updates and Upcoming Tasks for March 17

    I have gotten into the habit of starting the week off with a Hastymail update, however this week there is very little to report. Other development work has me so busy right now finding time to work on Hastymail has been a challenge. Following last weeks new contacts system there are a few contacts related fixes and updates in SVN, as well as some ideas about how I want to integrate them into the compose page. I also started working on a new configuration system to address a few problems with the way things are now. It introduces another configuration step, and "install" script that takes the hastymail.conf file and generates an optimized version of this file which is then used as the actual configuration. None of the configuration changes are in SVN yet. Maybe with some luck it will be completed by next weeks update. Even with the slow week of development we are really close to having the first version of all the main application areas complete. The major things I see coming up to get us to a beta release stage are as follows:

Code Updates for September 7

    It has been hard to find time to work on Hastymail but both development and testing have been going well. The result is a handful of updates to SVN. The next release should be right around the corner and I think this time I am going to change from beta releases to stable release candidates. Thanks to everyone who has posted in the forums or reported problems. Here is what's new since the third beta release:

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