Hastymail2 is an Open Source IMAP webmail client written in PHP. Our focus is compliance, usability, security, and speed.
2015-04-16 Update:

Sadly Hastymail2 is no longer being maintained. Happily this is because we are working on a new web-based E-mail client, called Cypht. If you need support your best bet is the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and supported this project!

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Code Updates for June 14

  Things are really shaping up in SVN as we finalize the code for our first stable release. Many bugs have been addressed and a few small features added. Lots of fine tuning has been going on all over the code base. The plugin API documentation has been updated to include all the latest hooks and methods. The themes have had some clean up and we have a new theme called "moss" (screenshot below). TinyMCE, Soundmanager2, and htmLawed have been updated to their latest versions. Here is the full list of what's new since the last update:

Code Updates For May 15

Lots of updates and fixes since the last release. The next one is right around the corner and will be 1.1 final instead of another release candidate. Here is the full list of what's new since RC2 came out:

Code Updates for April 25

    Development has been busy since the last release, thanks to everyone who has supported the project through feedback. We have a lot of improvements and updates in SVN, enough that things need to settle for a week or two so any regressions can be identified. Overall things are looking good and we are on track for the next release being the first officially stable version. Here are the details of whats new since the last release:

Hastymail2 1.01 Stable Released

   We have a new stable release available to address a recently discovered cross site scripting issue. The only change to the code over the 1.0 release is this specific fix. It's unfortunate to have a security issue pop up so soon after the first stable release, but it does indicate that we are getting some increased publicity (sourceforge stats support this also). Having people searching for flaws in our code really helps us make Hastymail2 more secure. Read on for details of the specific issue and what can be done to resolve the problem.

Hastymail2 1.0 Stable Released

   We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the first stable release of Hastymail2. It has taken almost 3 years of development to reach this point and we are excited about the state of the project. Thanks to everyone who has supported us with testing and feedback. Development does not stop here, actually we already have some pretty cool stuff in the works. Here is the full change log since the RC9 release, as well as some interesting summary numbers about the project and it's development:

New release in the works

   I honestly can't believe it's been over 300 days since the last stable release. Development has been busy and as always I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback. The change log since 1.01 was released is massive and includes a ton of fixes and improvements. We have some cool new plugins like a select range plugin that lets you use shift-click to quickly select multiple messages, and a message tags plugin that lets you organize your mail using tags. There are a couple of new themes as well, one of which provides a significantly different look. I plan to get a release candidate packaged up soon and if things look good an official release shortly after. Below is the full list of changes and a few screen shots.

Hastymail2 1.1 Stable Released

We are happy to announce the release of the 1.1 stable version of Hastymail2. It is recommended that all users upgrade to this version as it contains two security related fixes. You can read more about those on our security page. Along with those are a bunch of other fixes and updates that make upgrading a good idea. Here is the complete list of what is new in this version since the RC2 release:

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