Hastymail2 is an Open Source IMAP webmail client written in PHP. Our focus is compliance, usability, security, and speed.
2015-04-16 Update:

Sadly Hastymail2 is no longer being maintained. Happily this is because we are working on a new web-based E-mail client, called Cypht. If you need support your best bet is the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and supported this project!

New release in the works

   I honestly can't believe it's been over 300 days since the last stable release. Development has been busy and as always I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback. The change log since 1.01 was released is massive and includes a ton of fixes and improvements. We have some cool new plugins like a select range plugin that lets you use shift-click to quickly select multiple messages, and a message tags plugin that lets you organize your mail using tags. There are a couple of new themes as well, one of which provides a significantly different look. I plan to get a release candidate packaged up soon and if things look good an official release shortly after. Below is the full list of changes and a few screen shots.

 - Stop IE6 from using quirks mode to correct display issues with sprite images

- Fixed a character set issue with the auto-sign feature

- Fixed Javascript links and AJAX callbacks in cookie-less sessions

- Removed legacy PHP4 object assignment routine that caused warnings in PHP5

- Correctly display To: values that use a semi-colon delimiter

- Fixed a big in the "find response" link on the message view page

- Improved the AJAX page update mechanism to be more theme friendly

- Fixed a bug in the saved search plugin that caused extra search term form sections to not be displayed when editing/running a saved search

- Added support for using HTMLPurifier as the HTML message filter/sanitizer. This is set in the main index.php file using the $filter_backend variable

- Updated the htmLawed HTML filter to version

- Added a new theme called "Clean"

- Fixed the thread view page in the newstyle theme

- Added a new plugin called "select_range" that makes it possible to select ranges of messages using Shift and the mouse

- Lots of various small UI/theme tweaks and fixes

- Improved message list column formatting and added a default coulumn order to the main index.php file which can be overridden by themes

- Fixed two XSS issues, one affecting plugins and one on the compose page

- Fixed a bug with the theme template selection for the login page

- Added the ldap_mailhost plugin that makes it possible define a user's IMAP server in their LDAP account, thanks to Jesse Thompson

- Fixed a warning in the calendar plugin

- Improved the ldap_addessbook plugin to work on Solaris

- Fixed a problem that could effect large attachment downloads

- Fixed a bug that reset the form when deleting an attachment from an outbound  message

- Fixed PHP warnings generated when one attempts to load a message view page  for a message that is no longer present

- Added support for opening attachments types that are natively supported by  the browser (like PDF files) either inline or in a new window. The mime  types to support are defined in the main index.php file

- Added a variable to the main index.php file to control the font-size of messages in simple mode

- Several simple mode fixes

- Fixed a bug with contact groups that could cause contacts to disappear from the display

- Shortened the auto-complete plugin AJAX callback delay to 100 millis

- Upgraded soundmanager2 used by the notices plugin to v297a-20110306

- Upgraded tinyMCE to 3.4.1 and the tinyMCE spellchecker to 2.0.5

- Show the "To" column in the Drafts folder instead of the "From" column

- Fixed a potential CSS folder indent problem with the folder tree

- Fixed a bug with the javascript in the "context" plugin

- Added a new theme called "Dark Gray"

- Update the AJAX system to skip creating a new request if a prior  request is still in flight

- Fix a bug with empty text message parts that could display the "NIL"  string instead of the empty text

- Updated the message view to at least show message headers for a message  with a broken MIME bodystructure

- Added a new plugin called "message_tags" that lets users assign free  form tags to messages

- Added a new plugin called "spam_folder" that lets users setup a spam  folder that can be easily emptied and can auto-delete messages of a  certain age

- Updated plugins to add the plugin name to the page title for plugin specific pages

- Added a value to set the maximum number of allowed messages per page  in a message list

- Fix a formatting bug with E-mail groups and the auto-complete plugin

- Fix a problem with encoding non-ascii characters in outbound mail headers

- Removed incorrect content-length HTTP header from attachment downloads

- Updated the INSTALL file with a better cron job example for cleaning  out the attachment directory

- Fix a bug with the auto-save feature on the compose page breaking when  the message has attachments

- Filter out non-printable characters from the utf-8 to HTML conversion  function

- Fixed several address parsing issues

- Removed some duplicate processing when viewing text message parts

- Added pagination to search results that uses the same user setting  as the message view

- Added an interval of 30 seconds to the folder list "Automatic detail  updates" and the new mail page "Automatic refresh" options

- Fixed a bug that caused the To: field to be displayed on the new mail  page instead of the From: field when the folder is set as the "Sent" folder

- Added a simple mode check for the iPhone user agent

- Added a Javascript version of PHP's urlencode() to the site.js file

- Removed use of the deprecated split() function

- Added a plugin API method to display the standard mailbox message  controls

- W3C validation clean up

- Fixed a bug with displaying non-ascii content due to an overridden  character set value

- Fixed a bug on the contacts page that broke deleting contacts after  performing a search

- Fixed a bug that could cause HTML messages to be truncated on the  message view page

- Fixed a few bugs with searching on the contacts page

- Added a new plugin API hook that executes after an IMAP message  action

- Fixed a bug with INBOX subfolders

- Fixed a bug in the special folders dropdowns on the options page

- Fixed a bug in the auto-selection of the initial message part to view  on the message page

- Added the ability to limit profiles and lock down profile fields to  the main index.php file

- Added support for falling back to using an email login name as the  default profile email address

- Fixed a bug with message list parsing in the IMAP class

- Expanded the plugin API to provide the current theme name and support  printing message lists

- Fixed a bug with the duration value in calendar plugin events

- Fixed a bug with message part indentation on the message view page

- Made it possible to limit the number of outbound message recipients

- Fixed a bug with incorrect parent message part detection

- Added two new work hooks that execute on the mailbox and message pages  after the current IMAP folder has been selected

- Fixed a bug in the plugin API that broke display hook arguments

- Fixed a bug in the plugin API that returns the current hastymail2 page

- Added a work hook that executes when an IMAP action occurs

- Added a display hook that outputs to the subject cell of message lists

- Improved the flagged message style in the moss theme

- Fixed several message headers parsing issues

- Fixed a bug with the max read length setting in the imap class

- Fixed a bug that marked forwarded messages with the \Answered flag

- Fixed a layout problem with the page links on the mailbox view of the  newstyle theme

- FIxed the "close" link in the js_notice plugin notices

- Optimized the code by replacing many in_array() function calls with isset()

- Fixed a bug that could cause the IMAP message flags to not be displayed  in the header section of the message view

- Added an experimental PHP5 module to offload computationally expensive  operations to C++


Clean theme mailbox and message views
Clean theme options and compose pages
Posted by sten 6 years, 154 days ago
I switched to HastyMail from Roundcube about a month ago, can't wait to see the new release?
Thanks for giving Hastymail a try
Posted by sailfrog 6 years, 149 days ago
I think the current code is significantly better than the last release and I can't wait to get it packaged up. I'm just trying to resolve one more issue before a release candidate is ready. Jason
Posted by Alvaro 6 years, 142 days ago
Will have to add it to my arsenal on the next server update!!

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