Hastymail2 is an Open Source IMAP webmail client written in PHP. Our focus is compliance, usability, security, and speed.
2015-04-16 Update:

Sadly Hastymail2 is no longer being maintained. Happily this is because we are working on a new web-based E-mail client, called Cypht. If you need support your best bet is the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and supported this project!

Code Updates for March 6

  It has been a busy week for Hastymail development!. The AJAX system got an overhaul and it's efficiency is significantly improved. Several small bugs have been fixed and a few features added, the most notable being IMAP UTF7 folder name support and the ability to forward a message as an attachment. A lot of work has gone into finally resolving some display issues that were causing problems with various browsers. Included at the end of this post are some screenshots of the latest layout in some different browsers to illustrate. Here are the details of whats new since the 1st:

- Fixed several layout issues with different browsers, greatly increasing compatibility

- Added the ability to forward a message as an attachment

- Fixed a bug that caused the clock to not update consistently

- Refactored the AJAX update mechanism cutting down on javascript and reducing requests by 70%

- Fixed a bug that incorrectly set the SMTP authentication type

- More layout tweaking, fixed a problem with textareas overflowing the interface with smaller window widths

- Added IMAP-UTF7 folder name support controlled by a config file option called utf7_folders. This requires MB (multi-byte) support in PHP

Google Chrome
Firefox 3
Internet Explorer 7
Netscape 9
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